The Ultimate Collection of the Best Funny Cats Gifs

 You can now get excited for Friday with funny GIFs Since the beginning of the week, many websites have gone into full swing with their exciting collection of funny GIFs, all in time for your favorite team's game. Funny GIFs are a great way to make your workday more memorable. There are many funny GIFs to bring smiles to people's faces, from the traditional gift of a sleeping cat swinging its tail or the viral hit "guy being hit on the forehead by a golfball". You can find a hilarious GIF to brighten your day, whether it's a photo of an iconic singer in his new hairstyle or animated GIFs of little boys doing silly dance moves.

You don't have to be a cat person. Many websites offer a section dedicated to funny cats gifs. From a compilation of hilarious pictures of cats doing things they should not do like scratching furniture to kittens that learning how to use a litter box, you are sure to find the perfect funny GIF for you. A collection of hilarious videos featuring children as young as a child, or teenagers, showing their embarrassedness with a range of objects, is available. With cats as great comic relief, why not spread some smiles with a funny GIF of a feline funnyman?

Google "gifs" will give you a list of websites that provide more than photos of humorous situations. People love to find sites with funny stories that allow them to recall their childhood memories. Sites like Giphy make it easy to find and share your favorites. If you are a cat lover and wish to make your day brighter, then check out these funny GIFs.

This cat wants 

to weigh himself

This cat is running at lightning speed

happy birthday two years


poor cat

Fighting Games

never scared

A dog afraid of a kitten cat

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