The story of the last survivor unico sobreviviente tiktok is it true or fake? 2027 world without humans !?

                   The story of the last survivor Unico sobreviviente

The Last Survivor TikTok account is professing to take care of business stuck in 2027 
TikTok isn't only the home of dance difficulties and viral melodies, it's likewise a center point for paranoid ideas and tremendously unusual stories.

Unico sobreviviente


For example, the Last Survivor on TikTok. 

In February, a baffling TikTok account (@├║nicosobreviviente, which means the Last Survivor in English) showed up from a Spanish man named Javier, who professes to have woken up in 2027 isolated after "humankind had been stifled". 


This is what the Last Survivor TikTok account is about. 

Who is the Last Survivor on TikTok? 

Unico sobreviviente

The Last Survivor on TikTok is a man who professes to have woken up in an emergency clinic in the year 2027. The proprietor of the record, who as of now has 1.2 million supporters, has never uncovered his personality, just alluding to himself as Javier in his profile. 

The record shared its first video on Feb 13, showing the abandoned roads of Valencia, Spain, and guaranteeing that there is no human existence. He inscribed the post: "I just woke up in a medical clinic and I don't have a clue what might have occurred. Today is February 13, 2027, and I am distant from everyone else in the city." 

He likewise remarked on the video: "I'm perusing everybody currently, it's freezing in the city, I've attempted to go where I lived and I didn't have keys to remain, what might you do in my circumstance?" 

From that point forward, Javier has shared numerous recordings showing himself strolling through deserted roads, void attire stores, and abandoned seashores. Individuals have likewise mentioned recordings in specific areas to demonstrate he is indeed the keep going human on earth. 

Despite the fact that there's obviously no human existence any longer (he hasn't really uncovered how all people had gotten wiped out), all the other things have stayed unblemished, including newly washed vehicles and a dressing shop with all the garments still conveniently hanging up 

Is the Last Survivor really in 2027? 

Albeit the Last Survivor's recordings appear to be amazingly sensible, some have addressed in case Javier is really stuck in 2027. It's likewise conceivable in view of the Covid pandemic that the roads are much calmer than normal making it feasible for Javier to film, or he could have quite recently altered individuals out. 

Some extremely observant TikTok analysts have likewise detected a few references to the current day in Javier's recordings. In one clasp, he walks around the abandoned city and heads to the film. 

One of the film banners outside appeared as though it was for Wonder Woman 1984, which was delivered in December 2020. In another clasp, Javier goes into an abandoned condo. In spite of the fact that people have obviously been made wiped out, there's not a bit of residue on the tables or seats. Hm. 

Other unanswered inquiries are how are there impressions in the sand on the seashore? How are there ships on the water in case there are no people? For what reason are the vehicles so perfect!? 

Javier has since guaranteed that all that he sees is as yet in 2021 yet he is in 2027. He said: "I need to explain that I am in 2027 yet all that I see and where it stays in 2021. I think I woke up in 2027 as an equal reality. Also, I just recalled my name." Huh? 

It seems as though we'll need to stand by six additional prior years we can genuinely check Javier's story...

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