5 Funny Notes Parents Left for Their Kids They are so funny sometimes.

 Parenting has changed over the years, no longer are parents allowed to hit, don't have time to spend with their kids, or have to raise them on their own. Nowadays's parents can leave notes for their children like never before! They range from little "I love you"s on pencils left on kitchen counters or silly warnings not to fill an unattended bath tub with five buckets of water. It is interesting how creative these moms and dads get when it comes down to writing cute notes for their kids' lunch boxes like using colorful food characters (like Macaroni & Cheese) as fingers holding heart shaped sign boards that says "I love you." Some people out there do not realize that some strokes of creativity are used into making some creative ways of teaching your kids lessons.

Parents have been known to leave funny notes for their children on a variety of surfaces from lunch boxes to counter tops, but occasionally a parent adds a funny twist! By incorporating a pun into a passing message, parents ensure that their offspring will always remember what they were told. With humor being an important aspect of raising well-behaved kids, these parents have shown that you can still lighten up even when it comes time to be stern.

Children following in their parent's footsteps is nothing new. When kids reach a certain age, their parents won't be able to just waltz into the house silently because there's bound to be some sort of noise or another being made! If it's not the child laughing up a storm at an old joke, it might be loud music blaring out of the television set. It may feel like one is dealing with five miniature adults who are refusing to move out despite getting married and having kids of their own!

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