Wife Sleeps by Ailing Husband in Hospital Every Night, Wakes up & Sees Posy of Roses in Her Hands


A wife's love knows no bounds, and this story is a testament to that. Every night, for months on end, Anna Dunwoodie slept by her husband's side in the hospital as he battled a debilitating illness. And every morning, she woke up to find a posy of fresh roses in her hands. 

It was her husband's way of telling her that he loved her, even when he couldn't say the words himself. This beautiful act of love is just one example of the many ways our spouses can show us they care, even when times are tough.

Who is the woman in the article?

The woman in the article is Mrs. Lee, a devoted wife who has been by her husband's side in the hospital every night for the past month. She wakes up each morning to find a posy of roses in her hands, delivered by her husband despite his failing health. Mrs. Lee is an inspiration to us all, showing us that true love knows no bounds.

What does she do every night?

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